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Health Services

Linden Public Library offers several different health based services for our community both in person and through our digital resources. Read more below to learn about them and check out our events and programming to see when our nest health centric program will be.

Health Kiosk
While visiting the Library, stop by our Health Kiosk in the lobby behind the privacy screen. The
kiosk takes blood pressure, heartrate, and pulse ox readings, measures weight and calculated

De-Stress Zone
Our De-Stress Zone, located in the second-floor atrium, is a quiet and relaxing spot for patrons to de-stress. The zone has adult coloring pages, puzzle sheets, chess and backgammon tables, and a jigsaw puzzle for patrons to use. The puzzles and coloring pages are rotated out periodically so the zone always has something a little different. Plaques on the wall educate
patrons about the activity they are doing it and how it helps with stress. This area is also a designated quiet zone meaning noise is to be kept to an absolute minimum.

Health Information
There is a display located in the entrance lobby with pamphlets and information in English and Spanish related to various health concerns and conditions. Any member of the public is welcome to take whatever information they need.

Health Digital Resources

  • Click here to access our listing of Health Digital Resources.