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4D Nature Photography Exhibit

  • What: 4D Nature Photography Exhibit by nature enthusiasts and family; Jim Duffy, Carol Duffy, Mike Duffy and Maureen Duffy.
    • Jim Duffy is retired from the oil industry. He specializes in wildlife photos and strives to capture interesting behaviors and great detail in his images.
    • Carol Duffy is employed full time at the Linden Public Library. She specializes in birds in flight and seeing something special in the commonplace and small objects like flowers & insects.
    • Mike Duffy was a Zoo Keeper, he now works for the Linden Public Library. He has an eye for color and composition. He also likes to take some unusual photos of deserted buildings.
    • Maureen Duffy is a marine biologist. She traveled extensively for work and gets fantastic opportunities the rest of us can only dream of. Obviously, she is our underwater and marine mammal specialist. She now is a medical scribe.
  • When: November through December, 2023
  • Where: Linden Public Library.